Thursday, 5 March 2015


I confess...

... 10 weeks straight of confessing makes for a lighter heart.

... thank you all for the kind words in response to Friday's post. I'm just in a weird place and it was nice to just write. 

... I've been a baaaaad blogger lately but that's going to change. Expect to see about 100 comments from me in the coming days. Actually, you're gonna wish I were still a bad blogger...

... I've recently rediscovered my love of learning. It went on the backburner for a while but now I'm just grabbing anything I can get my little grubby hands on. Using my brain again is a nice feeling.

... And on that, I've decided to write the LSAT. So my life will soon be a lot of studying and not much else.

... The Bachelor was super underwhelming this season and I was really looking forward to The Bachelorette. Until they announced there were two that is. I think it's ridiculous. #TeamKaitlyn. My Canadian homie!

... I'm so excited to be a part of a blogger book club! I love that Sarah has put it together and I'm really looking forward to our "meeting". Talking books with a glass of wine while in bed? My life is soon to be complete.  

... I couldn't go to New York :(. Andrea is currently catching a flight to the one city that I would have cut off my left hand to visit. I hope to be able to accompany her next time. Being poor sucks!

Don't forget to link up your confessions! I'm about to creep y'all reaaaal hard.

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